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Профессионализм сотрудников компании NatiVita признается на высшем уровне

Yevgeny SHLYAKHTUNOV from the NatiVita Research Center has been awarded a grant of the President of Belarus in support of further research aimed at developing a test system for early cancer detection.

Mr. Yevgeny Shyakhtunov is an associate professor of the Oncology Faculty at Vitebsk State Medical University, Candidate of Medicine and an oncology surgeon, has developed unique test systems that help identify and evaluate the functional status of circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood. It means that scientists will be able to assess the ability of tumor cells to form true metastases, their susceptibility to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.

Further development of these test systems will help oncologists establish certain markers for early cancer detection based on blood count. The research is carried out by the Training/Research/Production Center comprising Vitebsk State University and Sivital Ltd under general academic guidance of Professor V.M. Semenov, Doctor of Medicine and Honored Scholar of Belarus.