The best project in the NatiVita category in the competition of innovative projects was selected

On December 23th the results of the Republican contest of innovative projects were summed up in Minsk and was announced the winner of the special nomination of NatiVita “Biotechnologies and genomics in medicine and pharmaceuticals”.

The winner of the nomination was candidate of biological Sciences Anna Grigoryevna Poleshko with the project “Creation of a collection of induced pluripotent stem cells obtained from patients with rare genetic diseases”.

The grant for the victory in the nomination was awarded by the Medical Director & Healthcare Compliance Officer of NatiVita Andrey Shnipov:

“We are in a good way surprised and admired by the guys who go to the laboratory, do science, well aware that they are not waiting for any quick success or quick money. NatiVita has always supported and will continue to support such desperate Braves.

The stem cell idea itself is not new, but the winning project is unique because it has the potential to change the approach to testing new drugs for patients with rare diseases.”

More than 100 projects were submitted for the competition, among which the scientific Council selected 24 finalists. The works were evaluated from the point of view of relevance, practical significance and possibility of implementation with the prospect of commercialization.

The grant for winning the NatiVita nomination “Biotechnology and genomics in medicine and pharmaceuticals” is awarded for the second time. Last year, the winner was the candidate of chemical Sciences Dmitry Dormeshkin with the project “Development of an innovative library of antibodies for high-performance production of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies”.