TalenaViта is spinning up


On May 19th we met with young scientists at scientific and educational conference “ProBiology: molecules of life” in Vitebsk.

he conference is held as a part of TalenaVita program for high school pupils and first-year students who see science is a fascinating journey to unbelievable discoveries. The participants of the conference will get to know some advanced scientific biotech projects, learn how to use these scientific discoveries on practice and feel some real science in labs.

Speakers of the conference will be experts from Belarus and Russia:

  • Medical advisors of NatiVita company Viktoria Volotko and Ivan Zhilcov,
  • Head of cytology lab of BIOCAD company Pavel Gershovich,
  • Chairman of the Board of young scientists of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Maksim Rodkin,
  • Head of General Chemistry Department of the Belarusian State Medical University Vladislav Hrustalev,
  • Professor of Chemistry Department of Biological Faculty of Vitebsk State University of Masherov Aleksandr Chirkin.

President of the Vitebsk State Medical University Anatoly Schastny will open up the ceremony and greet its participants, while chairman of NatiVita Board of Directors Aleksey Sychev will take a stage with his motivation speech.

TalenaVita is a national program supporting young talents from the regions of Belarus initiated by our company. The mission of the program is to inspire and help young people to fully reveal their talents, believe in their abilities to achieve the most ambitious heights in science, sports and art.