“Script of your life” for people living with multiple sclerosis

NatiVita supported an open day organized by the public Association of disabled people “The assistance to patients with multiple sclerosis”. The event was held on the 8th February and consisted of two parts: medical, with the participation of Ekaterina Mazurenko, associate Professor of the Department of neurology and neurosurgery of BelMAPO, and Director’s in the format of an interactive acting lesson with Director and producer Vladimir Maksimkov.

In the first part the participants not only learned a lot of information about the disease, but also were able to communicate with medical experts. Ekaterina Mazurenko in her lecture “Lifestyle and treatment for multiple sclerosis” spoke in detail about the diagnosis and treatment, and also covered the topic “Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis”.

Anna Bunyak, senior researcher of the neurological Department of the Russian national center of neurology and neurosurgery, and Lyudmila Anatskaya, chief freelance neurology specialist of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus, joined the dialogue with participants and answered numerous questions.

As for the Director’s part of the open day, it was also held in a relaxed manner and was a real lesson in acting, where participants were able to try acting techniques that are useful not only for people of creative professions, but also for everyone.

The final chord of the event was the video “Script of your life”, in which the main roles went to the participants of the open day.