NatiVita will produce the vaccine for the treatment of lung cancer

CEO JLLC NATIVITA Republic of Belarus and CIM S.A. (CENTRO DE INMUNOLOGIA MOLECULAR) Republic of Cuba with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Cuba and participation of BioCubaFarma entered into a treaty on the transfer technology of full cycle production and quality control of the vaccine CIMAvax-EGF.

The given vaccine is a biology drug, which is able to immunize the patient to its own growth factor (EGF-ligand) and is intended for the treatment of locally advanced and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in stage IIIB-IV. According to the statistics, lung cancer is the deadliest type of cancer. Research shows that sickness rate of non-small lung cancer is 29,12 persons per 100 thousand of people, 41% of it is  III-IV stages.

The advantage of CIMAvax-EGF is possibility to use this drug in combination with standard chemotherapy under the maintenance therapy after all possible treatments with a good effect in terms of increasing overall survival rate and quality of life. Wherein the five-year survival rate of patients with advanced non-small lung cancer vaccinated by CIMAvax-EGF is 16,6% against 6,2 % of non-vaccinated. As a result in 5 years  there will be 10,4% more saved peoples’ lives.

According to the agreement JLLC NATIVITA is an exclusive business partner of the Cuba company  which production facilities will implement the transfer of full-cycle production technologies and quality control of the drug.

The given agreement is the first step of collaboration between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Cuba in the frame of developing and market driving innovation drugs for the treatment of socially significant diseases. Within the project with BioCubaFarma keep on several innovative biology drugs which are planned to enter the market of the Republic of Belarus.