NatiVita registered GLACETAT drug for multiple sclerosis treatment

NatiVita has been granted with a product license for generic drug Glatiramer acetate brand named GLACETAT.

Introducing GLACETAT drug on the Belarusian market of medicine will extend potential of doctors treating multiple sclerosis, reduce expenses of the state and make the treatment with multiple sclerosis disease modifying drugs (DMT) more affordable for patients who need it.

Glatiramer acetate (GLACETAT) is a first-line drug of DMT therapy with an immunomodulatory effect. Treatment with the drug considerably reduces a number of exacerbations and slows down irreversible neurological disorders.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic progressive autoimmune disease when a medullary sheath of brain and spinal nerve fiber is impaired. Multiple sclerosis often leads to persistent disability. Patients with multiple sclerosis are mostly young people capable of working between 25 and 45 years, 70% of them are women.

Causes of multiple sclerosis are still unknown. A common opinion is that multiple sclerosis can develop as a result of a random combination of unfavorable external and internal factors (often virus and bacterial infections, special diet; geo-ecologic place of living, often stressful situations, genetic predisposition causing abnormalities in immunoregulation system).