NatiVita for the investment attractiveness of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus

The Chief Executive Officer Alexey Sychev took an active part in the Republican scientific and practical conference with international participation “Investment attractiveness of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus”. Representatives of four ministries – Health, Economy, Antimonopoly Regulation and Justice together with representatives of the largest Belarusian and foreign pharmaceutical companies discussed the problematic aspects of the industry, which need further development and subsequent reflection in the legislation. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vasiliy Zharko and Minister of Health Valeriy Malashko opened the conference.

Alexey Sychev presented a report on the topic “Opportunities of R & D Research in the Republic of Belarus” to the participants of the conference and told about the launch of the scientific program on studying the tumor genome and the development of personalized treatment methods initiated by NatiVita in cooperation with the scientific centers of the Ministry of Health. According to Sychev, Expert Councils will be created to implement the program, which will help to reduce time for the implementation of personalized treatment methods in practical health care. In addition, the Head of the company NatiVita noted not only the importance of creating an industrial and laboratory base, but also stressed the need to train qualified personnel.

After discussing the most topical issues in the field of pharmaceuticals, the conference participants adopted the Draft Resolution, which contains a number of specific items with proposals for introduction of amendments to the legal framework. A number of problem topics were also discussed during a press conference, which Alexey Sychev also took part in as a representative of one of the most promising scientific and production projects in the pharmaceutical sector of the Republic of Belarus.