For ten days in the Vitebsk region in Lepel township 25 students developed research projects on the theme “ABOUT health: Biotechnology for quality of life”. During the summer science camp boys and girls had to meet and talk to experts from 18 universities of Belarus, national Academy of Sciences of Belarus and leading scientific-practical medical centers.

Scientific summer change in the camp TALENAVITA for students of Belarusian Universities, passionate about natural Sciences and IT-technologies starts for the second year. The program of the camp was ten busy days with master classes, lectures, sports and recreational activities. During this time, the participants were divided into teams and worked on their own projects under the guidance of expert practitioners.

On the 3rd of August 2019 for the protection of research projects, participants suggested five ideas in the direction of biomarkers, new diagnostic systems and biosensors, biotechnology, and targeted drug delivery, and antibacterial drugs. The winning team of the scientific shift presented to the jury a project on the possibilities of using synthesized de novo prions to turn off specific proteins of cancer cells.

Eminent experts from the sphere of medicine, education, science and public administration evaluated the works. Among the jury:

Oleg Rummo, Director of the state institution “Minsk scientific and practical center of surgery, transplantation and Hematology”, Doctor of medical science, Professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, honored doctor of the Republic of Belarus

Olga Aleinikova, chief researcher of the State institution “Republican scientific and practical center of pediatric Oncology, Hematology and immunology”, Doctor of medical science, Professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Andrey Schmuck, head of Department of abdominal cancer pathology of the RSPC of Oncology and medical radiology named. N. N. Alexandrov, Doctor of medical science

Anatoly Shchastny, rector of Vitebsk state medical University, Doctor of medical science, Professor

Natalia Gurina, deccan of the faculty of pharmacy of the Belarusian state medical University, PhD, Professor

Sergey Markov, head of the Department of multiprocessor systems and networks of FPMI BSU, associate Professor

Other experts taking part in the project, representatives of the Ministries of health and education, the State Committee on science and technology and the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee were also present at the defense of the projects.

The theme “PROhealth: Biotechnologies for quality of life” for the scientific summer change in the camp was not chosen by chance, as Vladimir Sychev, Executive Director of NatiVita, comments:

“The trend towards biotechnology is becoming obvious – something that seemed fantastic 20 years ago is now widely available. And everything that connected with the quality of human life and our health is a priority topic not only among scientists, but also in society as a whole.

Today it is not necessary to explain to people the basic things – about proper nutrition, clean water, the environment — the understanding of such necessary things for health becomes the norm. With the help of biotechnology, we go deeper into the problems of previously incurable diseases, into new ways of their diagnosis and treatment. And not only.

We don’t have an aim to get a project ready for implementation, it is clear that in such a short time and it is unreal. But we create a live scientific environment with discussions, communication with experts, disputes in teams, so that children learn to think like scientists, ask questions and find non-standard connections between ordinary things. This is the only way to make the most incredible discoveries.

And who knows, maybe now in the mind of some of the participants of the scientific summer change in the camp is born the decision that millions are waiting for.”