Belarusian students in the scientific TALENAVITA CAMP

Belarusian students will seek solutions to oncology problems in the scientific camp TALENAVITA CAMP

30 best chemistry and biology students under the guidance of major experts will seek their solution to oncology problems in the summer scientific camp TALENAVITA CAMP, which starts on July 19 hosted by the health center “Zhemchuzhina” (Borovka village, Lepel district, Vitebsk region).

The summer scientific camp is organised within the framework of TalenaVita program, initiated by the pharmaceutical company NatiVita, with support from RRPC of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after. N.N. Alexandrov and Vitebsk State Medical University.

TALENAVITA CAMP is a unique opportunity for young talented students to listen to expert practitioners who work every day in the field of oncology. Among them:

  • oncologist, holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine, Deputy Director for scientific work of the RRPC of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Aleksandrov – Sergey Anatolievich Krasny;
  • Master of Biological Science, Winner a state award in the field of science and technology – Alexander Alexandrovich Chirkin;
  • Head of the Laboratory of Abdominal Oncology of the RRPC of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Aleksandrov, holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine – Andrey Ivanovich Shmak;
  • Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics and Biotechnology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences – Andrey Alexandrovich Hilep;
  • Medical Advisors of the company NatiVita – Victoria Volotko, Ivan Zhilcov, Eugeny Shlyahtunov and others.

The topic of the scientific session is “Cancer is under control: ideas and methods of present-day oncology”, the program includes ten busy days. During this time, participants will be divided into teams and will seek a solution to the problem posed by experts. In addition to working in teams in the camp program will include: lectures, scientific debates, master classes and trainings on soft skills, excursions, as well as sports and recreational activities. The session closing will have the format of projects defense with awarding of the team-winner of the session.

The scientific and production pharmaceutical company NatiVita, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical cluster “Medicine and Pharmaceuticals – Innovative Projects” are the organizers of the TalenaVita program for the support of talented youth. The goal set by the organizers: to unite experts in science and business in order to prepare the younger generation for a high-tech future.