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NATCO Рharma Ltd., India, to Support a Project on Establishment of a Small-Scale Chemical Synthesis Laboratory

On April 5, 2017, the medico-pharmaceutical cluster managers held a meeting with Mr. Bhujanga Rao, Board Member of NATCO Рharma Ltd (India) at Vitebsk Medical University.

It resulted in an agreement on technology and consultancy support of a project on the first laboratory of small-scale chemical synthesis in Belarus by NATCO Pharma Ltd.  The project is aimed at establishing a research and development center with the following competencies:

— development and transfer of the technology of synthesis of valuable pharmaceutical substances,

— scaling the pharmaceutical substance manufacturing technology,

— personnel training in the microreactor synthesis technology.

At the negotiations, the participants discussed the laboratory development phases, and defined milestones of the transfer of substance synthesis technology for manufacturing several drugs of social value. They also made a decision to make the synthesis at Vitebsk Medical University; in future, finished medicinal forms will be manufactured by NatiVita.

In addition to technological support, NATCO will be actively involved in training the researchers of NatiVita Laboratory and R&D Center, which is an active member of the cluster.

The following persons took part in the negotiations on behalf of the Union of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Academic Organizations “Medicine and Pharmaceutics – Innovative Projects”:

Anatoly Schastny, Rector, Vitebsk Medical University

Alexey Sychov, CEO, NatiVita Company, Chairperson of the Cluster Supervisory Board

Mikhail Pivovar, Head of the Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer, Vitebsk Medical University.